1. It's simple to submit fic to CounterMeasures: email your story in ".txt" format with "CounterMeasures submission" in the subject. All submissions must be sent as ".txt" (text file) attachments OR as a link to an online story. Other file formats such as ".doc" take longer for me to archive; text format saves time.
  2. All NC-17 fiction must be clearly labeled. Same goes for slashfic.
  3. Make sure the following information is included:

    • Fic title
    • Author name, email, and URL (if you have one)
    • Rating (PG, R, NC-17)
    • 1-3 sentence summary of the story
    • You can also include categories or keywords if you want (MSR, S/O, Doggett, UST, etc.) but it's not necessary.

  4. If you have questions about any of these specifications, please contact me!


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